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What We Do

Start Ups

Starting a new business is an exciting time, but there are many issues to consider, and getting them wrong can cause problems and cost money in due course. Getting good advice at the early stages is essential.

At Mansell & Co, we can:

  • Advise on the best corporate structure: Sole trader/partnership/limited company/llp
  • Undertake company formation
  • Advise on the best VAT scheme and register the business
  • Introduce you to a bank and advise on the terms you should expect to be offered
  • Register with HMRC for payroll issues

Getting advice before going too far will set you off on the right track, and give you peace of mind.

Our highly qualified team of professionals offer a comprehensive range of services that will help you run your business.

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Our clients range from large plcs to self employed individuals - we will provide you with the same quality accountancy services whether you have a small, medium sized or very large business concern.

We believe in building trust and loyalty within our working relationships from day one, whether we are carrying out basic book-keeping or comprehensive management accountancy services for our clients' staff. This enables us to assist in the growth and development of your business.

Annual Accounts

Our accounting services include:

  • Preparation of annual accounts to comply with legislation
  • Assisting with in - house systems, which may attract grant support
  • Helping to train and assist client's staff with procedures and systems
  • Design of systems (computerised or manual)
  • Financial management
  • Tax calculations and submission of returns
  • Group Accounts

Management Accounts

Well managed companies do not rely on statutory accounts to run their business – the provision of timely and accurate management accounts is essential. We can help.

  • Monthly reports
  • Cash flow forecasting
  • Tax planning
  • Financial planning
  • Forecasting
  • Dealing with complex reporting systems

We can help you set up in-house accounts using packages such as Sage and Quickbooks, as well as developing custom systems in Excel.


For many businesses, keeping accurate books is a distraction from getting on with the work that they do best. Yet failure to do so can result in expensive delays, and even fines. Many successful companies have chosen to out-source this work, leaving them to focus on running the company.

We offer book-keeping services either on site or in-house. These are particularly attractive to:

  • Business start ups
  • Sole traders
  • Partnerships
  • Small family concerns
  • Fast growing businesses
  • Temporary staff cover

Our book keeping can be done using one of the "off the shelf" packages that are available, such as Sage, Quick Books or any of the other proprietary packages. Or we can assist in compiling Excel spreadsheets that both you, as a client, and we, as accountants, can use.


Processing the payroll can be very time consuming and can use up productive time of your staff which could be put to better use in earning money for the business.

Payroll processing is becoming more burdensome as employment legislation becomes more complex, and the implications of non-compliance such as penalties and tax enquiries are becoming ever more onerous.

We provide a full confidential payroll service, including:

  • Administration of PAYE, national insurance, statutory sick pay, statutory maternity pay
  • Computerised payslips
  • Handling of staff joining and leaving, i.e. processing P45/P46
  • Completing year-end returns, and the relevant returns to issue to your employees and submit to HMRC
  • Summaries and analysis of staff costs
  • Handling payment of PAYE/NI & payment of CIS Contractor deductions
  • Year end CIS Returns for Contractors
  • Full online filing service to comply with HMRC compulsory requirements

We work on large and small payrolls, and we believe we can demonstrate how you will save time and money, leaving you to run your business.

Construction Industry Scheme (CIS)

CIS for Subcontractors

If you are working in the Construction Industry Scheme and have tax deducted directly from your sales invoices, Mansell & Co can work out your annual CIS repayment and liaise with H M Revenue and Customs for the refund to be processed.

We will maximise the available tax repayment within the HMRC rules and file online which brings faster issuing of repayments. We only require settlement of our fees on issue of the repayment - our fees are normally settled by deduction from the CIS repayment.

CIS Administration for Contractors

The Construction Industry Scheme rules put great pressure on contractors to clarify the status of people working for them, i.e. employed or self-employed, and involve the submission of a monthly return to HM Revenue & Customs.

The service in more detail

Processing the gross payment each pay period for each sub-contractor, calculating the correct net payment based on whether the sub-contractor has registered with HM Revenue & Customs, who will confirm which tax rate to apply.

Verification of new sub-contractors with HM Revenue & Customs where required. Completion and submission of the monthly CIS300 return to HM Revenue & Customs by the 19th of the month, following approval by the contractor. Production of the sub-contractor statements each pay period.

Key CIS requirements are:

  • The responsibility falls on the contractor to verify the deduction status of sub-contractors.
  • Providing sub-contractors with written statements each pay period.
  • Identification of payment status from 3 possible options.
  • Application of a 30% tax rate for sub-contractors who cannot be verified.
  • Monthly CIS300 return to HM Revenue & Customs, which needs to be submitted by the 19th of each month. Penalties for late submission of at least £100 per return.
  • Penalties for late submission or getting things wrong can be oppressive. This can be up to £3,000 per return, which is potentially up to £36,000 per annum!

Verification and the monthly filing process puts pressure on contractors to ensure the scheme is administered correctly and that returns are filed on time and penalties are avoided. By using our CIS administration service working to the new CIS rules, this administration burden and pressure on the contractor is removed.

The service operates along similar lines to our payroll service, where the contractors provide us with the sub-contractor invoices, statements or time sheets each pay period and we then administer the scheme on behalf of the contractor.

Audit & Statutory

Audit & Statutory Requirements

There are many legal requirements that companies must observe; yet few can justify a full time company secretary. Mansell and Co keep their clients briefed on the ever changing requirements, and provide a service of submitting returns in a timely manner. This protects the position of directors, who have a legal obligation for compliance, and gives shareholders the comfort of knowing that all salient matters are duly reported.

Similar comfort can arise from conducting a statutory audit, even when the business size does not require it. The benefits of holding a statutory audit can far outweigh any costs, so that many companies regard this as an invaluable investment.

A statutory audit helps deter fraud and increases shareholders' confidence in the directors' decision making abilities, as well as pointing to issues which are relevant to management decision making. Shareholders trust in the company and its management increases when they have the results of an independent audit.

For corporate and specialist sectors, statutory audit will ensure that legislative controls are in place and procedures being followed. Such sectors include:

  • Associations
  • Charities
  • Estate agents
  • Financial service organisations
  • Legal firms
  • Public funded enterprises
  • Stock audit
  • Travel agents

Call us to discuss our audit service: 01279 658499


VAT is one of those things that has to be catered for, but it is not as straightforward as may first be thought. Selecting the right scheme can save money and reduce risk, failure to comply properly and on time can bring fines and penalties.

At Mansell & Co, we can help you select the scheme best suited for you, register your business for VAT, and prepare quarterly returns, meaning the minimum of distraction for you from running your business.

Specific services include:

  • Registration
  • Advice of relevance to your Business
  • Selection of most appropriate scheme for your Business
  • Full online filing of returns to comply with HMRC requirements
  • Flat-rate scheme advice
  • EC trade advice, completion of EC Sales List
  • Retail scheme advice
  • Cash accountancy scheme
  • Technical advice on specific issues
  • Intrastat

Self Assessment

Ever more individuals find themselves having to complete Self Assessment forms in respect of the personal income. Mansell & Co provide a service to corporate clients and individuals to ensure correct completion whilst maximising claims for allowances and reliefs.

Our expertise includes:

  • PAYE earners
  • Buy to let
  • Capital gains
  • Foreign earnings
  • Property portfolios
  • Pension relief, particularly for higher rate taxpayers
  • Investment portfolios

Why not discuss your individual situation with us. We may be able to reduce your tax bill.

Mansell & Co are a forward thinking practice with many years of experience, enabling us to achieve positive results for companies of all sectors and sizes.

A key part of our role is to ensure our clients are briefed on and comply with current and new rules and regulations.


"Mansell & Co were really helpful at explaining what I needed to do to register my business with HMRC, run a payroll and pay National Insurance. They took all the stress out of a complicated, worrying situation. "

Jo Chapman

"Discount Travel Ltd t/a Global Professionals has used the services of Mansell and Co since inception in 2002. We use them for our payroll processing including PAYE and they have produced both normal accounts, and when required full audited accounts, and have produced background reports and statements for statutory bodies (CAA) and trade association (ABTA) alike. They have also provided extensive help with our Sage bookkeeping."

Ron Hehir
Managing Director,
Global Professionals

"Mansell and Co were great at explaining everything we needed to do when we first set up our limited company. They advised us on VAT and CIS registration as well as corporation tax. They have since been very reliable carrying out our bookkeeping, monthly CIS returns and VAT returns as well as our year-end accounts. They have also filed our Self-Assessment returns each year and helped us with our personal tax. They take away all the worry of dealing with HM Revenue & Customs and allow us to get on with running our business."

Mark O'Connor
Glass Fit Services Limited

"Mansell & Co has assisted us for a number of years and has given a reliable and helpful service. They have provided detailed monthly management accounts for our head office within strict deadlines as well as payroll and overseas tax and vat advice."

Michael Jones
Bauer Technologies