Another Tax Year Over...

Now that the 2010/11 tax year has finished we are busy helping our clients deal with their tax affairs for that year.
Most of the people required by HM Revenue & Customs to complete a Self-Assessment Tax Return have now received a paper form or a reminder to complete one online. At Mansell & Co we have already filed many returns for our clients, particularly for those entitled to a refund! We file our clients’ Tax Returns online and normally this allows HMRC to issue a repayment within two weeks, so some of our clients receive their refund before the end of April, just days after the end of the tax year.
If you have a Self-Assessment Return to complete and would like some assistance then please contact us. We deal with clients of all different requirements and will vary our fee according to the amount of work involved. We complete returns not just for people running a business but also for those that need to for other reasons, for example if they own a buy-to-let property, are in receipt of trust income or have a capital gain to declare. Sometimes people only need to complete a return for one year to deal with a particular occurrence and we are happy to assist whatever the circumstances.
If you have a Self Assessment Return or reminder lurking in a drawer and are either unsure where to start or put it off every year because you hate dealing with it, get in touch and we can give you a quote for assisting you. It can be reassuring to know an accountant has helped you complete the form accurately and a relief to pass the job over to someone else. We can sometimes save tax you may have otherwise paid!

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